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Sonhos Urbanos

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por Jorge, em 10.08.11

"Once a stream of forces is allowed to flow, it tends to 
become uncontrollable.  The only way to control it is by 
going back to what caused it in the first place. 
So, in order to get the better of a rebellious crowd, 
first you seize the person 
at their head, their leader, for this is the person 
inspiring them and driving them on. 
While this person is free to be with them, they 
will keep going, but once their leader 
is disempowered the rebellion loses its momentum.

What lesson can we draw from this example
 for our psychic life? That before we hurl ourselves
 at some inner enemy, at some feeling, passion 
or desire that is tormenting us – which would only 
reinforce it – we must go within and find where 
the enemy draws its forces from. By going back to 
the source, we awaken powers capable of controlling the enemy. 
This is the method: thanks to the effort we make 
to take stock of ourselves, 
we attract help from the spiritual world, and 
the enemy finally lays down its weapons. "

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov



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