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Sonhos Urbanos

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por Jorge, em 21.03.06
this has got to stop
not the passion
us not being able to resist each other
the endless craving in my groin
the hunger of my lips to taste you
the pull of my arms to wrap you to me

this has got to stop
not the unquenchable desire
the tongue massaging flesh
the arms that caress
and enfold

but the interruption of daybreak
the demands of work
the intrusion of friends
all those petty things that steal us from each other
temper our rhythm
wipe our wetness

that`s what has got to stop
not you deep in me
bodies thrashing
drinking love from each other
not being able to get enough of ourselves

the moon refusing to surrender her place to the sun
us interconnected
riding waves
melting iron

drowning ourselves in each other

this has got to stop
but I pray
it never

by Opal Palmer Adisa